krystal m. chuon

writer | artist


krystal m. chuon is a khmer/krom-american writer and mixed media artist from san francisco, california. a daughter of former refugees, she often writes about history, stories and knowledge passed down to her as well as from her own experiences, memories, and research.

krystal started writing and creating "books" at an early age. this hobby turned into making zines and eventually publishing her first collection of writings, "follow the mekong home" (september 2018).

she is currently working on her second book.
on the name:

monyda is krystal's middle name. mony is the khmer variant of the sanskrit word mani meaning precious stones (jewels, gems, pearls, and crystals) and da means stone (x)


follow the mekong home

follow the mekong home
signed copies available (limited!)


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